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Buy things in 3 seconds while others are just looking for them!

About BlessedCop

BlessedCop offers the fastest copying process in the world.

Our bot was created to help users quickly buy Supreme brand products.

It has all the most modern and popular features and is created using advanced technologies. Our unique search algorithm allows you to perform work in seconds. Bot has an amazing speed. Feedback from our users confirms his excellent work!

If you want to buy things without intermediaries or for resale, our bot will be a great help in this. Supreme things are bought up in seconds, without the use of third-party software to buy cool things is not realistic. The bot searches for things for you and makes a purchase by entering the delivery and payment data.

On the website and in the bot there is a drop-down list with a list of things from the next drop, we will help you find keywords for a great result. The program interface is intuitive and modern. Most of our customers purchased the desired product Supreme Box Logo on powerful drops and spoke positively about its work. The program runs on Windows, Linux, Mac. For his work, only the Google Chrome browser is needed.

We are developing a version for mobile devices Android, iOS!

Full-Featured, Right Out Of The Box

Programmed and Managed By Professionals

Keyword Search

The Keyword Search feature will let you automatically add items with the product’s keyword.

Extremely Fast

BlessedCop is the fastest bot on the market. Its speed can reach 3 seconds for the purchase of goods.

International Support

The BlessedCop supports the United States, Europe, and Japan Stores.

Secure Process

Our bot is 100% safe to use. Your personal information will be stored locally on your computer.

Automatic Buying Process

Our bot will automatically add items to the cart and checkout in less than 3 seconds.

Pro Scheduler

Schedule the bot to start at a specific time. So you do not miss the beginning of the drop.

Always Updated

BlessedCop is automatically updated in your browser. You do not need to take care of this.

Mac/Windows Support

You will simply need to use Google Chrome to be able to run the bot on any platform you desire.

Checkout Delay

You can add a wait time to the checkout process, minimizing your chances of getting ghost orders.


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Hottest Questions

BlessedCop was developed by professionals, we invested in it a lot of time and effort to make it the best bot in the world. The bot includes the best features for comfortable work. We constantly improve it, and in this we are helped by numerous customer testimonials!

Yes, you can watch them on our channel. Or in a short presentation. BlessedCop video presentation

Yes, you can use our bots on absolutely any operating system as long as you have Google Chrome!

Our team constantly monitors Supreme's site, and updates BlessedCop whenever it notices a potential opportunity at improvement.

After the purchase is completed, the download link will be immediately sent to your email address that you use in the paypal. That will give you the opportunity to install the bot and configure in a few minutes.

Due to the nature of the game, no one can make guarantees. However, we can say with certainty that we offer the best service in the business, and our success rate is the highest across all products. Please view our testimonials for this season's success.

Yes, you can specify all the necessary search keywords.

You can email us directly at

1. Pay on the website
2. Get e-mail with BlessedCop
3. Download BlessedCop

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How to get this bot?

It's Easy!

First step

Write down your e-mail and pay the bot

Second step

Than you will receive a link by email and instructions for using

Third step

Download the bot and use this Monster


Limited offer

Blessed Cop Lite

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  • License: 180 days
  • Personal Assistant
  • Special Video Guide
  • Friendly interface
  • Instructions
  • Free updates
  • Support 24/7
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